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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Libs Pretend that Trump Was Putin's Puppet, Reality Shows The Weakness of Their "Argument"

An awesome exchange, with Daria Yang having her head screwed on correctly. 

"Frankly MyDear" frankly doesn't care about facts, but sure loves emotive arguments.    

In fact, just makes up "quotes" and then attribute them to Trump.

Daria Yang responded to the fake Meme.....

I'll give you plenty of opportunity to defend your view as long as you remain respectful. Putin is right; Trump is an outsider. That's why the establishment used their propaganda arm (MSM) to fight against him before, during and after his Presidency. They convinced those who rely on MSM to form an "opinion" that Trump is "the bad guy". Stop to ponder when was USA in better position, is it now?

  • Frankly Mydear
    Daria Yang I have never watched MSM in my life. Collabarating press releases for each other before The summit is an open communist relationship. There you go defending Putin and his words. Where do you live anyway? Americans do not defend Putins words. This isnt a play date.

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  • Daria Yang
    Frankly Mydear “I have never watched MSM in my life.” I wasn’t talking personally about you, rather pointing out how they work.
    “Collaboration press releases for each other before The summit is an open communist relationship.”
    Wrong; communism is a theoretical economic system. Assumed to have a collective ownership of property and an organization of labor for the common advantage of all members of a given country. Collaboration of press releases between the leaders of two nations with different political ideology, intrinsically and by mere application, has nothing to do, nor any impacts in the political weather of either nation that could be asserted as “an open communist relationship”.
    “There you go defending Putin and his words.” The truth is independent of the subject, the truth is impersonal. It doesn’t matter who says the truth as long as it is the truth, try to be more objective and less subjective. 
    “Where do you live anyway?” My residency is irrelevant to our discussion, but I live everywhere, including Australia, Canada, Asia, and USA. 
    “Americans do not defend Putin’s words.” Wrong again; You can certainly talk for yourself, but you don’t talk for me or others who think like me. I don’t judge the words by the speaker but by the content, the logic, the intention of a given argument. Freedom is granted by God, not by any government, men are born free, . 
    “This isn’t a play date.” Agreed; interference in the integrity of an election to change the will of a whole nation, denying us the right to choose our destiny, is treason, and the punishment is death.


  1. Joe looks like he is ill. Cannot wear his suit coat (at formal press event) - 40:30 min. mark
    then after taking it off he leans on the podium as if he cannot stand up.

    1. The whole thing is "funny" I watched and transcribed the best parts......

      26:30 We do not derive our rights from the Government, We possess them because....we were born, and WE YIELD THEM TO A GOVERNMENT


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