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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Ohio State Student Ravaged By Vaccine -- Mom Withheld Info on His Enlarged Heart, 2nd Jab Sent Him Into a Spiral From Hell

hat tip Lot's Wife:

And what ever happened to "First, Do No Harm"


2 visits to ER after the First the insert for Pfizer, if you have reaction, DO NOT TAKE THE SECOND Shot.

"He really feels everyday that he is not going to live much longer, and is seeing someone today (psych).

I have limited empathy for this mom.   There is plenty of information out there.   We were on this story, before the Jab was even in testing.


LW comment

This mother’s recitation of her 19-year-old son’s medical history Re: Covid is amazingly unemotional while she is deeply concerned about his future. No mention of a father/husband, the implication being that she can’t afford to break down. 

This kid, and millions of others, are victims of bio-warfare. He’ll likely never recover his former health. As in Rwanda, the media is complicit. For the time being, the reality can’t be mentally processed by an audience diverted by bright, shiny things while fact-based content is blocked by increasing censorship. What are you doing to increase transparency and fact-seeking?





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