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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Some Germans Show Courage Even Whilst Others Are Murdered by Muslim Knifeman

 stock, the incredible thing is that the cops shot him in the leg.   Curious to compare that to the US general policy of 2 shots to the center of mass.

noted, I assume they use hollow point rounds



In my city last year a muslim man shot up a restaurant area killing 3, including a 10 yr old girl having a birthday dinner with her father, and injured several others, no reference was made to his nationality, but all the news media pushed the "mentally unstable" narrative, that he needed help that society never gave him, blah, blah, blah,  you had to dig very deep to find out he was muslim.

When a white man had finally had enough of "protestors" blocking the streets in his neighborhood and drove his car fast through the crowd right away within seconds the media was reporting it was a white supremacist hate crime. Mentioned over and over "white supremacist kills...."  It turns out that he was mentally unstable also, but was this reported, no, again you had to dig deep, the lying corrupt media still kept up the false white supremacist crap.

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