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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Stated Ingredients of the Pfizer and Moderna VXX

Hat Tip to the
Bridge of RightWithTheShip, who has been doing some heavy lifting on the Woke "Renaissance"


 This will open into a PDF, you may have to click on the upper right of your browser to then see it has been downloaded.


With 10% of the people I interviewed, 3 of 31, rapidly getting the Flu after the Jab, we know there is much more in the Jab than stated here.   And why wouldn't there be?   

1) These people intentionally murdered over 60,000 seniors in the worst possible way, gasping for breath, suffocating, isolated and they can't even understand why their family is not showing up. 

2) Pushing experimental, never before "authorized" even under emergency, Messenger mRNA gene therapies into Pregnant women (60% of which have some serious adverse event).    Including a large amount of late term "abortions", which are very rare.    Early term abortions are not that rare.


From The Bridge:

The reason I know any of this is from these 3 post.

1. -

2. -

3. -

Gods Speed - My Friend


Lower Deck:

Oh, and there's this Sir:


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