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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Why The Distraction With "The COVID Origin" At This Time?

Thoughts…..A virus magically appears just in time to destroy the MA6A economy. 

Then the media creates a panic, just in time to institutionalize new mail in ballot and other voting regs, laxed signature verification etc.,that many criticize as facilitating fraudulent activity, especially in 5 key swing states. 

Then there are countless media censorship and de-platforming and cancelling and persecution efforts to stifle any biden criticism that started pre-election and are still ongoing. Then after the election, the ballot counting in these states takes weeks, when states like Florida and Texas, both with populations exceeding that of these states combined finish their counting within one night? 

Then we learn that Biden received the most votes ever in US history, exceeding even Obama’s record setting tally in 2008. 

Then we learn that there were 25 Million more ballots counted than any other presidential election in US history. Then Fauci’s leaked emails reveal much about the virus’ true origin and low mortality rate and real mask efficacy etc. 

Then as certain ballot audits start, democrats continue to challenge and try to discredit these efforts. I’m sure it’s all just coincidence, nothing to see here. Who wouldn’t implicitly trust the government and MSM? You’d have to be a deplorable, racist, white supremacist, insurrectionist not to.


It was a 3rd world style Marxist coup. Make no mistake about it. Big companies encouraged it and social media companies censored him because Trump’s get tough policy on China was directly affecting their runaway profits.


Rand Paul is in favor of the DEATH OF THE WEST VIA DIVERSITY

People like him, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan are ALL FRAUDS that want to waste your time by posing as a fake opposition to the left on meaningless issues

At the end of the day they STAND with their leftist masters in the destruction of WESTERN CIVILIZATION and WHITES




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