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Friday, June 18, 2021

With The "Spike Protein" Being So Advertised Across Media and Net, Rest Assured, There Is Much More In The VXX

 stock here: an epiphany.

Also, I have probably only had real discussions with about 30 people on the VX
X issue.    I mean those who got the Jab.    3 of them "got the flu within hours".

After I was "shed" or more technically correct, transmitted, I got the flu 2 mornings later.    Then I got the COVID like 4 days later.

Personal experience.   There is no list of ingredients for any COVID Jabs, anywhere, I have looked far and wide.    For other Vax you can find extensive list of ingredients.

They are putting way more than just mRNA messaging to create Spike Protein.   Way more.

And the batches may all be different too.     Guinea Pigs with some cross controls is what 100M have become.


  1. Connecticut Publishes Moderna and Pfizer ingredients, problem with one ingredient is SM-102. Many folks are confusing this with SM-102 being in Chloroform. The SM-102 used in Moderna Vax is for lipid nano-particles. Membrane coating developed 10 years ago.


    Nebraska Medicine explains some of this (don't know if they are 100% on board)

    link -

    Now for what you are asking: (have at it)

    Ingredients -

    1. From The Bridge:

      The reason I know any of this is from these 3 post.

      1. -

      2. -

      3. -

      Gods Speed - My Freind

    2. Lower Deck:

      Oh, and there's this Sir:

  2. from a comment on -
    Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19

    1. Wow that is very relevant, love how they stick with "shedding"


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