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Saturday, July 3, 2021

598 Vaccine Patients Just "Found Dead" -- That Means They Were Not Even Being Monitored -- Even After Adverse Effects!!!

Keywords Used In Description of Death Events After the COVID Jab, USA. Note 12 Suicides Immediately After Jab, Odd Effect

Occurrences of the words, in VAERS reports in which there was death. 

 Found (Means they were not being monitored!) 598

Breath 437 

Cardiac Arrest 245

Heart Attack 106

Fatigue 142

Weakness 153

Flu 112

Fever 221

CPR 189

O2 103

Embolism 48

Foaming 7

Clot 93

Suicide 12


Chills 107

Suddenly 53

 Found (Means they were not being monitored!) 598

Stroke 131

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