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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Another Effing Psy-Op From The Medical Establishment -- We Didn't Murder Those Seniors, We Were Just Following Tradition While Hoping Someone Did a Clinical Trial to Figure Out How to Save Them.

 JAMA is not even hiding it anymore.  

This could be used to protect Fauci, but somehow I think they sacrifice him pretty soon, although he is guilty, so he is not just a scape goat, but there are hundred more that need to walk the plank.

I am hoping I don't need to explain this anymore than the title, but let me know if you want more.


 And we have Tucker shilling for the Vax
, bear in mind, he is controlled opposition.

As is Hannity, they will pull him out for the biggest lies, as he is paid $40M a year.   Wow.

------------------------------------------ And Gov Desantos, I think they made him an offer.....if you want the shot at Presdient in 2024 you need to shill for the Vax right the fuck now.


I was willing to overlook the Israel stuff, because Florida is filled to the brim with bloodsucking Jews who will destroy you. But if Ron DeSantis is shilling the vaxx with the rest of these scumbags, then I’m out.

The reason there is a rise in “cases” is because of the vaxx. That is the only explanation as to why you would have seasonal illness in the summer – they are relabeling diseases caused by the vaxx as the disease it’s supposed to prevent.

They are playing a bunch of other numbers games too, and it really doesn’t matter – they started saying that Florida had “rising cases” in order to press on DeSantis for fighting against the hoax.

But if he’s going to endorse the deadly vaxx, what use is he?

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