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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Badass Dude Goes to Get His Vaccine and Gets It, Walks Out of The Building With the Vile, Takes It To A Lab

Take your vaccine!   To a lab!!!

This guy is awesome.   I probably would have escaped a bit quicker.

I guess he had little to fear from the sheep!


  1. Have the lab results come back yet?

    1. Excellent question, I have looked around and come up empty handed. With the corruption of science, I bet it would be hard to find a real lab that would take the risks, or they would turn you in to be in favor of our new marxist leaders.

  2. This is Uni from Enenews days. Got vaccinated. I'm fine. All those poor Baja sardines should have refused vax? Take it easy

    1. Hey long time, good to see you. Take a look at this spreadsheet of just the deaths reported related to VXX

      Glad you made it through
      Here is the spreadsheet, as well as a few pivot tables and analysis, charts from below are from my work.


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