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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Cabal Plan Exposed: Kill The Weakest Now, Make 70% Infertile To Make a Smooth Population Drop, Replace With AI and Robots as the Slaves Die Off

I was just thinking, if they kill off the real old and morbid, lessening the legacy financial drag of the useless eaters and health care sucker uppers..... and make the working age people mostly infertile, there can be a controlled loss of population, but you can still keep the Zombies in the workforce until they can more easily and gradually replace them with robots and AI.

By George I think that "is a good plan", meant in a kind of Sarc / Ouch way

The Fauci /Ouchi

If they killed off say 50% of the population say in a year or 2, there would be massive disruption of all systems, and the wealth of the wealthy would be massively effected.   These people are not stupid, just evil. 

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