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Thursday, July 15, 2021

CDC Data Shows These New VAX, in the Short Term, are 69 to 80 times more dangerous than all the other VAX Combined.

stock here: Sometimes the trolls push me to new heights, LOL

Just as Jay Cullen shows up to troll me on Twitter and remembers that I was the Fukushima ELE guy and now the Vax "denier"

He is wrong on both counts.

Bottom Line? These new VAX, in the Short Term, are 69 to 80 times more dangerous than all the other VAX combined.

I did these calcs in March, and a reader encouraged me to update the CALCS

Had someone at VOAT saying I had no idea "what the chart means".    

Because I was comparing COVID Jab deaths this year, to vaccine deaths in prior years.   So I found the data.

In USA, about 281,380,00 vaccination shots are given annually (average from 2006 to 2014)

Current COVID Jabs at 184,000,000 at least 1 shot

Current Deaths can be had at this Site

I show 6093 Deaths from CDC Website.  But have seen higher numbers elsewhere.

Bottom Line?  COVID "VAX" is at least 6900% more dangerous than the standard vaccines at CAUSING DEATH, and maybe as much as 8000% more deadly


And 653 Died Within 2 Days of the Jab, what is that is really 65,300?

Some will say....well when millions are getting treated, some are just "up" for dying.    And I agree, until you read the descriptions of how they died.

For the 653, here is a PDF that details everything, skim it!!!!

And the Death rate reported to VAERS may only be 1 in 50 or 1 in 100

Oh, and the quality of the oh my.   Laughable.   Look, this quote implies that Dead people are overly self reporting on the VAERS system...

“Since it is a self-report system, submitting a report to VAERS does not mean that the vaccine caused or contributed to the death,” she said.

---------------------------------------------------   And Zuckerberg is funding these "fact checks!"

 And 107 Studies on Vaccines

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