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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Example Of Attempt At "Fear Smoothing" Which Falls Flat On Its Face As It Does Not Directly Address the Concerns

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  • Joy I am afraid of the mRNA VAXX, if they do anything nefarious and add 1 simple chemical, they can rewrite the DNA in every cell in your body. Beyond that it is experimental, creating blood and heart problems and killing tens of thousands. And possibly like the ferrets, when you encounter another corona virus in the future, you may go into Cytokine storm and die from an overblown immune response.

  • Joy Lillian
    French Solaras I hope the health department sees this response and can address your concerns with the vaccine. The mRNA technology doesn't enter the nucleus of the cell (DNA). In fact, it's only in the cell (not the nucleus) for less than 72 hours to produce the protein that fights the virus. 
    It can't rewrite your genetic code recombine with your DNA in any way. The virus can enter your cells, reproduce as well as mutate. I prefer to have mRNA produced spike protein stop the virus from entering my cells. That virus came from who knows where (still investigating). 
    I'd rather not have the virus in the nucleus of my cells (each person's choice). Hence why Pfizer was my preferred vaccine choice. 
    Pfizer was also the vaccine given to the majority of health professionals at all of the US trauma 1 centers which are the biggest and best health institutions. Your concerns need to be addressed and explained properly by medical professionals. 
    Thanks for the very candid response.
    There is current ongoing immune research to hopefully use the bodies natural immune system vs vaccination in the future as well. I hope someone can also educate you on this research.
    It sounds like the fear is coming from you not getting the real information you need. Perhaps, your physician as well can have a virologist meet with you as well at your next visit to help your fears.
    Thanks, I hope more people state their fears so the health department can address these true concerns and information which you currently have been provided through social media.

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