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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

I have IT! The Current Complete set of VAERS Data, 20MB Excel

 I have used this alternate method to get at the VAERS data.   By setting the "cases per page" to 11000, it captures all the Deaths into 1 sheet.

Here is the spreadsheet, as well as a few pivot tables and analysis, charts from below are from my work.

Prior recent video shows VAERS data be fudged.   They used to just take out the deaths and eliminate the VAERS #, but then they were getting caught.

So they got one step sneakier and they replace the deaths with a much less severe report.   Sheesh.   CDC and really our entire government has been compromised.


 If anyone wants the spreadsheet, drop a comment or email me if you have my email.

 right click and open in new window for zoomable views


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  2. You started it.. post the data you have plenty of room

  3. stock says

    "They used to just take out the deaths and eliminate the VAERS #, but then they were getting caught"

    Where is the proof they eliminated the vaers#?
    And they were getting caught at what and why???

  4. Thank you very much, stock, for the time and energy you spent -- and still spend! -- serving as a "data server" with concomitant duty as analyst! Spreadsheet downloaded. Much appreciated. In return, I'll see if my aging memory banks of data refinement and statistical modeling still serve moi!

    Question: Do you or others you know (of) have earlier versions of the same records or subsets therefore? That would be very, very useful in comparing records of different dates of database. Evidence if not proof of much fakery may be forthcoming that way.

    1. This was the first time I have been able to get the whole data set. It cannot be done through the VAERS site, but I use another site that can access the VAERS database and extract in better formats. Maybe 2 months back I saw a serious data maven, whose clever trick using conditional formatting was able to quickly show what VAERS ID numbers used to exist and now no longer exist. CDC has been busted by me and others, and so now they are not just eliminating the Death ID number, but they simply replace it with a mild reaction to cover a death. Its criminal.

    2. Here is one example, not the one I mentioned above, from last week.

    3. I can't find that Data Maven, he was printing the entire list of event descriptions to massive PDFs early on. I will look.

    4. Any epiphanies from the data? Do you know how to use the Pivot Tables?


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