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Monday, July 12, 2021

John Hopkins Health Is a "Bad Actor" -- They Are Linked Into the Cabal Through Gates and Bloomberg

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OK let's start with Event 201, the dress rehearsal for the so called COVID pandemic. 

1) It was not a pandemic, with only 3 of 100,000 dying "of COVID" not "with COVID"

2) JHU ran Event 201, which was a planning exercise for how to roll out the COVID, and how to communicate to make everyone in fear.

3) Just in May they were lying about how the vaccines are better protection than infection.   Effing horrible, no virologist would say this. 

4) JHU had an entire group doing a study on how they can control the narrative, and to slap down alternative news sites that were not carrying the message they want to project.   They studied how social Media could be controlled to censor the non-approved narratives.

5) They had all the programs in place to put daily scary numbers in front of people, almost like it was planned. 

6) They are funded by Bloomberg to the tune of $3B, but they pretend to be a public entity, so the conflict of interest with funding by questionable Bloomberg is obvious.  

7)  Christopher Elias -- Mouthpiece of The Gates Foundation -- Talks About How to "Access" Children and Event 201

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The Amazing Polly Weighs in on the virus panic

21 03 2020


“Did you know that Bill & Melinda Gates, the CIA, the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg / Johns Hopkins, the UN Foundation & more ran a scenario for a Corona Virus Pandemic in December 2019?”


EVENT 201  aka the “drill”



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