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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Oppenheimer Sold His Soul To Become the Father Of The Bomb -- And He Mixed With Communists -- Now Dems Are Trying to Clear His Name

 stock here, why the eff are Democrats always on the wrong side of issues!!!!

I guess because Oppenheimer was called before an AEC tribunal that focused on his connections to people associated with communist organizations.


As we ponder whether a nuclear war or skirmish would be used to deflect from the fact that a foreign entity has seized control over the USA, the father of the A-Bomb is getting support from 4 senators.

They want to exonerate Oppenheimer, reduce his guilt long after the fact. 

Patrick Leahy, Edward Markey, Jeffery Merkley, and Martin Heinrich

Edward Markey, Democrat, Massachusetts

Martin Heinrich, Democrat, New Mexico

Edward Markey, Democrat, Massachusetts


Patrick Leahy, 80 YO, Democrat, Vermont

Oppenheimer Trinity and The Devil Took His Soul

I am become death, destroyer of worlds Here is a short clip of Oppenheimer and his famous quote above. A reader has suggested the the strange head twist (at 14 seconds in) as he begins his statement of I am Become Death is actually the devil entering his body. It sure is odd. And look at his face, the stress, the introspection, the resignment. 


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