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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Bastards At CDC Have Just Stopped Updating VAERS DEATH DATA 2 Weeks Ago -- As The Cabal Pushes For More Censorship

 This is the last entry into VAERS;jsessionid=6A2CCBE0588D41C5A3E65851FC8F

On June 27th there were 598 Jabbers just "Found Dead"

On July 9th there were  1824 American Jabbers "FOUND DEAD"

The kill shots are really "improving"

And the Data Fuckery is raging.....

VAERS Data Is Disappearing

So as not to allow the data to be fudged, here is a 20MB Excel snapshot of ALL the VAERS data as it exists on 7-20-21

NOTE from my downloaded Excel

10954 DEAD

If you go to the CDC Adverse Event summary they say

6079 DEAD

If you go to VAERS directly and run a report on DEAD, you get (as of 7-21-21 they only have data through 7-9-21 how lame is that)

5378 DEAD

Here is the spreadsheet, as well as a few pivot tables and analysis, charts from below are from my work.

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