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Monday, July 5, 2021

The Spreadsheet Direct From the CDC That Details All VXX Effects, Deaths, Strokes, Permanent Disability, Loss of Taste/Smell

Here it is on a silver platter.

 CDC VAERS Adverse Effects as of 070421

 And this is where it comes from, CDC and FDA run VAERS.    Why would it be run be 2 agencies.....simple for plausible deniability.   No one is truly responsible, and the data is submitted voluntarily.

It's funny how the "woke" violent non-researching mobsters, parroting their party lines, think that the rest of us who live in reality, do actual research, are in "a cult". Those who supported Trump also realize his many failings, its not that Trump was awesome, Its just that he was "Not Hillary" and the Globalist Cabal.

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