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Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Variants Are Coming! The Delta Variant is Coming! Sheeple Bleet About the Delta Variant

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Ann T. Beck
Anti-vaccine people and their fear of the vaccine are prolonging the pandemic and giving the Delta variant a foothold.

What if the "Delta Variant" is mostly made up, and used as a tool to keep people in fear? Because the former VP of Pfizer, indicates in thousands of variants, they are barely different and those with natural immunity, those with Vax, should be immune also to variants. 

Also, the general thinking in the infectious diseases world is that "variants" are likely to become a little less bad in terms of symptoms, and maybe a little more infectious, but a strong at home treatment protocol should handle "variants" as well as the original COVID.

  • Josephine Keliipio
    Please, please remove your masks and share your smiling faces with us. That virus was never a threat to Hawaii and you know it. Were people dropping dead in the streets because of the virus last year? Hell no!!! BUT people are now dying weekly from your vaccines even though you continue to deny it. The virus was just the Trojan horse to bring in the vaccine. It's the vaccine that is causing a pandemic now not the virus. Yet you keep pushing this vaccine when it is Experimental with NO longterm safety studies!!!
    How insane and wicked is that???

  • Adam James
    Josephine Keliipio It was "never a threat" because proper control measures were put in place to keep it from spreading here and having us end up like too many other places around the globe. Hawaiʻi clamped down on COVID-19 better than any state in the nation. Clown.


Hawaii pulled some stupid marxist lockdowns that destroyed many people and their small businesses. I got COVID in effing MAY of 2021 because Hawaii did the overblown lockdowns and therefore never got close to Herd Immunity. And what of the foreign Health Director that was installed right around the time of the Pandemic Trial run, event 201?

But I agree, we are living in Clown World



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