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Friday, July 2, 2021

These Things Are Very Intentional! Equity, Woke culture, Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police, Critical Race Theory, Open Borders

Comment seen on social media

The comment is good, but as with 98% of other well intentioned ideas, it misses the main point.    The things below that are occuring are not occuring because some people are not speaking up....they are occuring as part of a well funded and well organized effort including complete control of media, entertainment, sport, and schooling from grade school to grad school.

Oh, he he forgot Antifa.


Time for silent majority to speak up. And now folks, even Apple Pie and highways are racist? The issues that are destroying America, are without a doubt are 

Equity, Woke culture, Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police, Critical Race Theory, Open Borders, political correctness, White mania, 

abolishing the suburbs and putting in high rises next to your home, and unequal justice under the law for both the poor and the rich. 

All these issues divide America and sets back civil rights 70 years or more. Sports in politics. And even now people that do not like our American flag or National Anthem and disrespect both. 

And for sure the big tech and social media companies and book publishers restricting freedom of speech and eliminating any viewpoint or for that matter anything that does not meet their hidden agenda. State election laws without IDs. 

And most recent a school eliminating all the Holidays on the school calendar including Christmas. All of them further divides America rather than strengthening it. No one wants to have their children indoctrinated. 

Stand up and fight back parents. Textbooks are being changed as we speak, parents do you care? Teach history as it was, the good, the bad and the ugly, do not try and change history. 

Not enough parents willing to speak up loud and clear and not be intimidated or have their children indoctrinate with sheer garbage folks. 

Educate for sure, not indoctrinate. 

MLK if alive today, will still be nonviolent and condemn the violence and hatred in America. Stand up for the flag and our Veterans and our men in blue, who put their lives on the line everyday for all of us. 

It is all right to have a different opinion and express it peacefully, but each one of us must respect the others. Having said all that, America is unique and better than any alternative and were still the greatest nation in the World, that is why millions want to come here folks from socialism countries. 

There will always be good, bad, and evil forever, focus on the good, in each one of us without using racism to stir up the topic. Some would say everything is about race, and that is just not true. Bring back common sense. 

Eliminate the bad and evil, as best as possible. If everyone does their part, America will be better for it

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