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Monday, July 19, 2021

VAERS Data Is Disappearing

So as not to allow the data to be fudged, here is a 20MB Excel snapshot of ALL the VAERS data as it exists on 7-20-21

NOTE from my downloaded Excel

10954 DEAD

If you go to the CDC Adverse Event summary they say

6079 DEAD

If you go to VAERS directly and run a report on DEAD, you get (as of 7-21-21 they only have data through 7-9-21 how lame is that)

5378 DEAD

Here is the spreadsheet, as well as a few pivot tables and analysis, charts from below are from my work.





  1. This is plain BS

  2. This is plain BS

  3. This is plain BS

  4. This is plain BS

  5. This is plain BS

  6. Translation of prior, somewhat repetitive comments by yet another of member of the ubiquitous class "anonymous" [They live! They're everywhere!]: "Buddha is a piece of dung." That seemingly unseemly, even "shitty" way of expressing GOD's omnipresence, one of many divine attributes, further explicates the succinctly if baldly stated opinion "This is plain BS".

    For sure, I concur, it is "plain BS" to develop -- presumably with "public funds" if not "taxpayers' money" -- an incomplete source of otherwise unobtainable data then, despite all its limitations and necessary qualifications, when it actually serves the very purpose of this program, begin to purge the system of "smoking guns", so to write.

    Anonymous called it correctly, several times in a row!

    1. yep, VAERS is kind of a controlled opposition, they pretend there is a system and then they tell you later that you "can't trust the system"

  7. Housatonic - Lying psychopathic scientists to subject our kids 2 experimental gene therapy based on West Nile lie


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